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"Le Avventure di Mr P." by Stefania Manzi with a song by KZZ artists A Smile for Timbuctu from Our Corto Discorso

"Cosmic Sing-a-long" from Asthmatic Kitty featuring music by artists Cryptacize on the KZZ album Party In Space

"Une Glace au Citron (A Lemon Ice)" by KZZ artist Miss Emma from the album Une Glace au Citron

"Verzauberter Herbsttag, An Enchanted Autumn Day", NataĊĦa von Kopp, with KZZ's A Smile for Timbuctu and others

"I Wonder Where My Grandmother Is?" by KZZ toy maker Mr. Fantoccini featuring music by KZZ artists The Bran Flakes

"What It's All About?" by Andy Arkley featuring a bouncy song by the KZZ artists The Bran Flakes

"Shopping for Explosives " by Jeremy Knoll, song by KZZ friend The Coconut Monkeyrocket from the album SPLIT!

"Peaches and Cream" by Kristi Bowden featuring a song by Logan Whitehurst from his album An Introduction To...

"The House That Jack Built" read by KZZ story reader Freya Storyteller

"MEGAPENGUIN!" by Tom Napper featuring a song by Logan Whitehurst from his album An Introduction To...

"Une Glace au Citron" by Jenny Da with the title song by KZZ artist Miss Emma from her Une Glace au Citron album