The Makers

Giorgos Vasiliadis

Role: Graphic Artist, Illustrator

Location: Thessaloniki, Greece


I love drawing and designing. I am a vector artist and illustrator, so I spend the whole day in front of my computer. I'm very close with technology and I am attracted by any gadget! However, I don't like staying home. I prefer going out with friends.

I live in Greece, in Thessaloniki, with my parents, my twin brother and my older sister.


1. Some Favorite Childhood Music

I am still young! I am 16 years old! I love Alternative Rock and Punk. Some of my favorite bands are Paramore, Muse, Kings of Leon.

2. Favorite Childhood Games

When I was younger we played Hide and Seek a lot. My favorite sport is basketball and volleyball. My relationship with sports is not the best.

3. Favorite School Subjects

I think you already know the answer! Computers! Because I was always knew the answer to the teacher's question! Hehe

4. Some Favorite Places from Youth

I love going to the cinema with friends, but the fun part is after the movie. We discuss it while eating at some fast food restaurant!

5. Childhood Heroes

When I was a kid I was a big fan of Harry Potter! lol

6. Dream Super Powers

I would like to be able to hypnotise people and make them do whatever I want! That sounds evil... I think I am evil! Haha