The Makers

Mark Givens

Role: Music Maker

Location: California, USA


Mark Givens is the Editor-in-Chief of MungBeing Magazine. His past publishing ventures include Salmon Bosch (1993 to 1995) and The Bowl Sheet (1986 to 1988).

He runs the Wckr Spgt website and all of its affiliates (hostitles, the tenuous connection, The Proudfully American Logo Museum, etc.) and designs web-type stuff for other people.

He is probably best known as a founding member of the legendary indie rock band Wckr Spgt with whom he has shared over half his life. He also records as Cash Nexus and writes and draws stuff using various pseudonyms, one of which is Mark Givens.


1. Some Favorite Childhood Music

Before puberty: The Partridge Family, AM Radio, Saturday Morning cartoon songs (everything but HR Pufnstuf -- that song was creepy), My mother’s dulcimer and autoharp, folk music (Dylan, Baez, etc). The Beatles

After puberty but before Punk Rock: The Partridge Family, FM Radio, The Bee Gees, Parliament, EW&F, The Rolling Stones

After Punk Rock: Punk Rock, College Radio, The Partridge Family, Frank Zappa

2. Favorite Childhood Games

Soccer, Baseball, Track, Card Games, drawing with my father

3. Favorite School Subjects

Any sort of writing or drawing class was good. I like letters in all their forms. I liked Ancient Egypt in primary school. I liked Chemistry and History in high school.

4. Some Favorite Places from Youth

Prepubescent: out by the tire, up in a tree, down at the corner, the hill, friend’s houses

Junior High: out in the hall, the park across the street, anywhere with Ruth, Suzanne’s house

5. Childhood Heroes

Jim Thorpe, Pablo Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, Roberto Clemente, Spider-Man

6. Dream Super Powers

Invisibility, X-Ray Vision, and Flying