The Makers


Role: Music Makers

Location: New Mexico and Washington, USA


John writes:

Para!helion was a collaboration with two friends of mine, Jeff and Dave, from about 10 years ago. Recorded in Albuquerque, all the songs were improvised with no pre-set plan. Jeff played electric balalaika, Dave played trumpet, and I played percussion. We recorded hours and hours of music and then chose the best sections to release.


1. Some Favorite Childhood Music

I have always liked all forms of music. As a kid I listened to jazz, rock, classical, and experimental electronic music. Now i have expanded that to music from all over the world.

2. Favorite Childhood Games

I was a big baseball, football, and chess fan as a kid. Also loved the early video games like Space Wars and played a lot of pinball.

3. Favorite School Subjects

Science, literature and creative writing. I am currently working as a scientist studying how learning disabilities caused by a mother's drinking during pregnancy effect a child's communication abilities.

4. Some Favorite Places from Youth

The mountains in New Mexico

5. Childhood Heroes

Max Roach (drummer), Roger Zelazny (writer)

6. Dream Super Powers

The ability to speak and understand all languages