The Makers


Role: Toy Designer

Location: Indonesia


A little about myself. I was born in 1990, in Surabaya, Indonesia. Surabaya is the second largest town in Indonesia, but I actually live in a small nearby town. I went to study abroad to Singapore two years ago. My major is visual communication. Currently, I'm a sophomore at my college.


1. Some Favorite Childhood Music

When I was a child, my favorite song was a Chinese ballad. I didn't know the singer, let alone the title, but the melody was always in my mind. I know it's sort of bizarre, but there's a story behind it. My parents loved that song so much, and they played the song over and over again until I took a liking to that certain song. It wasn't only me, but my siblings, as well. My mom told me the song was about two lovers that have to be separated due to some circumstances. I didn't care about the meaning that time, I just liked the song. Maybe because of that now most of my favorite songs are songs about love.

2. Favorite Childhood Games

Local traditional games, those were my favorite games when I was a child. Some of them were outdoor games, and the rest involved some kind of equipment to play. The games with equipment were trickier than the outdoor games. They required you to think and at the same time have a quick hand response. The outdoor games were more enjoyable. They made you sweat and laugh. Even now I still love to play them although maybe I'm not as skilled as I was back then.

As for sports, I don't like sports and I admit I am bad at them. The only one that I'm pretty confident at is badminton.

3. Favorite School Subjects

I loved art class. Drawing, crafting, and anything related to arts. Besides art class, I also liked language classes. Now I'm taking design courses, because of my fondness for arts.

4. Some Favorite Places from Youth

My house's backyard. Back then, there was a huge mango tree in my backyard, and I loved to stroll around there with my siblings. Another favorite place was the rooftop of my cousin's house. We felt like the world belonged to us and only us when we were on the rooftop.

5. Childhood Heroes

My parents, especially my dad. He's really not afraid of anything. Another one, but I'm not sure you can call him a hero, but I always admired Doraemon. A cat-robot from future. It is a Japanese fictional character, and I'm sure it is famous especially here in Asia.

6. Dream Super Powers

If I am given any super powers, I'd like to have the ability to talk with animals/plants. Besides that, I'd also like to have the power to fly, read fast, and memorize anything super quickly. That would be cool.