The Makers

Uncle Neptune

Role: Music Maker

Location: Ontario, Canada


The valley of the Orange Sun is where I, Uncle Neptune, and my dearest of friends spend most our time making music and learning about the things that are most important in this land, like the value of friendship, the truth about honesty and the untold riches of love. I know this all sounds a little peaches and cream like, but I too once thought places like this couldn't exist either.


1. Some Favorite Childhood Music

I loved music from The Muppets and Sesame Street. I listened a lot to the Beatles and growing up in Toronto, there was the TVO station which played really cool cartoons which are now virtually lost and they all had great theme songs.

2. Favorite Childhood Games

I play ukulele not sports.

3. Favorite School Subjects

In school I loved music class of course, but also history and English. I also loved drama until I reached the "awkward" age.

4. Some Favorite Places from Youth

When I was young there was an old Mom and Pop's Hamburger joint called "Zingburger". All the guys there were Greek and super nice. I would just hang there and play the old arcade games munchin' on fries and wasting the day. Other than that, I have memories of me and my friends getting on our BMXs and heading to the industrial area of our neighborhood, digging through trash cans in hopes of finding a treasure. I actually thought I could find the parts to build a jet ship!

5. Childhood Heroes

(no answer)

6. Dream Super Powers

My choice of superpower would be the power to travel to distant worlds. I have always dreamt about the incredible landscapes that must exist out there in space. What an amazing never-ending adventure it would be.