About Kazoomzoom

What We Are

Kazoomzoom is a free resource providing free music, audio stories, paper toys, and more to children, families, and teachers.

Kazoomzoom is the world’s first netlabel devoted to children. A netlabel is an online record label. Our netlabel is 100% free. All of the releases and reissues available on Kazoomzoom are available for your use at home and in the classroom.

Our Mission

The Kazoomzoom mission is to provide free materials and fun to kids all over the world. We do this by inviting all people of all ages to contribute to fun projects, such as reading stories aloud, decorating paper toys, and making music.

Our Values

  • We promote sharing, compassion, creativity, and volunteerism.
  • We are committed to limiting marketing to children. Kazoomzoom will never have commercial advertising.
  • We are concerned with protecting the copyrights of all contributors.
  • We are dedicated to providing a safe and fun website to children.

Who We Are

Kazoomzoom is an international community of contributors of all ages united in making free items for children. Learn more about each of us in our Makers Directory.