Free Software for Projects

Kazoomzoom makers recommend the following free software for enjoying or creating Kazoomzoom items. Unless otherwise stated, these are free, cross-platform (Linux, Mac, Windows) applications. We love them all!

1. Playing Kazoomzoom

* Banshee Media Player: One of the cool things about this player is that you can subscribe to Kazoomzoom for automatic downloads of new audio releases

* Clementine: A player with lots of fun and useful features

2. Creating Kazoomzoom

+ Graphics (cover art, storybooks, paper toys, simple animation)

* GIMP: Free, open source graphics editor, rivaling Photoshop, just as powerful

* Inkscape: Free, open source vector graphics editor with capabilities similar to Illustrator, CorelDraw, or Xara X

+ Audio (audio stories, music)

* Audacity: Multi-track audio production tool, everything you need to create your own free home studio

* Jokosher: Another multi-track audio production tool (not for Mac)

* Clementine: Can change formats (transcode mp3, ogg, wma, mp4, wav, etc.) of your audio files

* mp3DirectCut: Small, fast single track recorder and editor (not for Mac, not open source)

+ Video (video stories, music videos, animation)

* OpenShot Video Editor: Video creator and editor for Linux

* PiTiVi:  A very basic video creator and editor for Linux

* Blender: 3D animation suite