The Makers

A Smile for Timbuctu

Role: Music Maker, Graphic Artist

Location: Italy


A Smile for Timbuctu was born in 2004 in Florence, Italy. The project oscillates among music, graphics-design, installations and performances. Immediately active in the European and international scene, the Tuscan trio, composed by Simone Brillarelli, Cristiano Crisci and the graphic designer Jonathan Calugi, released their first project, Manuele Atzeni EP, in 2005 on the London label Audio Aubergine. This CD was composed of four songs, a lot of different stickers and two t-shirts.

In 2006, they appeared on a compilation, and in 2007, they appeared on two more. In 2007, they released Our Disco Disastro, the album was produced by Audio Aubergine and offers 13 amazing tunes. Again, it was released with the usual stickers and t-shirts, this time produced by The Gold Mark. The graphics are divided into 30 different types of covers, 30 characters, each with a name and a history. From there a parallel world to the album emerged with the icons, the paper toys and a presentation party.

In 2008, A Smile for Timbuctu also began creating music for children — at Kazoomzoom!


1. Some Favorite Childhood Music

"vamos a la playa oh oh oh oh oh"

2. Favorite Childhood Games


3. Favorite School Subjects


4. Some Favorite Places from Youth

the sea

5. Childhood Heroes

6. Dream Super Powers

To fly!