The Makers


Role: Music Makers

Location: The Edge of the World


Chris of Cryptasize writes about their song "Cosmic Sing-a-Long":

This is the first song Nedelle and I ever wrote for Cryptacize. At the time, we were living a tiny house in the country. We sat on the floor and played acoustic guitars and autoharp. We were so happy when we realized the autoharp had all the chords we needed for the song. It only has certain ones.

Nedelle can explain what the song is about better than I, but it's kind of like saying that any sound could be the start of a song.

Answers by Chris

1. Some Favorite Childhood Music

When I was little I liked a lot of what I heard on the radio, top 40 stuff. So many songs had good catchy melodies, good sounds, good drum beats. Those qualities are the things I still like most. They were bands like Hall & Oates, Foreigner, Journey, Stevie Nicks. I don't have a favorite era or style or anything though. I've had so many different phases, but I still like it all - old hippie stuff, blues, punk, garage music, soul, progessive rock, jazz music, classical, electronic. They all age differently, but if it's good it's timeless.

2. Favorite Childhood Games

I was never very coordinated or had a competitive spirit, so sports were out for me. I liked early home computer games such as Hammurabi, Taipan, Wizardry; those were mostly just typing words into a computer. My sister and I played a lot of Coleco and Nintendo games - the Smurfs, Mario, etc.... At the arcade I liked Super Sprint, Galaga, and some other stuff I can't remember the name of.... Dungeons and Dragons!

3. Favorite School Subjects

I liked art and math best.

4. Some Favorite Places from Youth

I loved the backyard, weird abandoned lots (there are many in suburban LA). I loved the garage where I would practice my drums. There was a weird garbage dump where my friends and I would play. It was all grown over with grass and you couldn't really tell what it was.

5. Childhood Heroes

Anybody who was talented and nice

6. Dream Super Powers

I'd like to be able to live without breathing.