The Makers

El Zoológico

Role: Music Maker

Location: Puerto Rico


El Zoológico is the solo project of a Puerto Rican kid called René Boscio. He sets out to create a cuter zoo in his mind trying to captivate the beauty of every animal through the art of electronics.

With a plan to release 4 EPs sub-divided into the aquarium, dry land, the jungle, and the aviary, René begins his journey working with his inner-animal thoughts to evoke the imagination of all the cute listeners who are just waiting to go for a ride around El Zoológico.


1. Some Favorite Childhood Music

(no answer)

2. Favorite Childhood Games

Football, Skateboarding

3. Favorite School Subjects

Math, Language classes, Art

4. Some Favorite Places from Youth

the skate park, the beach

5. Childhood Heroes

(no answer)

6. Dream Super Powers

flying/floating, endless underwater breathing