Music Compilation Projects

Participants: Music Makers, Cover Art Designers

Several themed compilations have been waiting in the wings for years. Some submissions have been here since 2008 just waiting for new friends to come out and play.

Shooting for at least 8 songs per comp, and copyrights with Creative Commons BY-NC-SA licensing.

Let's go for it!

Songs We Sing: Kids Singing

SONGS: 7 so far
SUBJECTS: a little penguin, gum, American music, 2 about singing, a movement song, a version of "Down by the Bay", and some freestyling

Animal Songs

SONGS: 3 so far
SUBJECTS: going on safari, a camel, the life of a turtle

Songs of Home, Family, and Friends

SONGS: 6 so far
SUBJECTS: an old house, 1 for family, 1 for mommy, 1 for daddy, 3 for friends

Robot Dances: Songs for Jumping Around

SONGS: 1 + songs from Robot Dance segment of Radio KZZ
SUBJECTS: robots, and instrumentals

Songs of Health

SONGS: 3 so far
SUBJECTS: brussel sprouts, hunger, dietary health tips


SONGS: No activity on this project yet

Music We Make: Kids Perform

SONGS: 2 instrumentals so far

Folks Songs of the World

SONGS: No activity on this project yet

Story Land: Songs of Fairy Tales

SONGS: No activity on this project yet

Going Places: Travel and Transportation

SONGS: 5 so far
SUBJECTS: bus, 2 for trains, balloon, world travel

When I Grow Up: Songs about Careers

SONGS: 2 so far
SUBJECTS: growing up, captain of spaceship or boat

Going to School

SONGS: 3 so far
SUBJECTS: the alphabet, silent e, shapes

The Great Outdoors: Nature and Earth Songs

SONGS: Four leads, but no submissions yet